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Omicron Edition, Open Thread 11/28/21

The Lost Plot. Open Thread, 10/31

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Storytelling, Ambiguity and the Bad Art Pandemic: Open Thread 10/10

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Sunday Chat, 8/29

New pieces, new projects

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It's not subtle

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The Lure of the Caricature

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When the New Was Actually Old

We shouldn't still be confused

Delta Dysfunction

Official holiday open thread!

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Internet Makes a Home

Our Remarkable Media Bubble: The Location Edition

Open Thread for Subscribers July 4th

Surely There's a Better Way

Rare Events Need Different Methods

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On The Origins of the Pandemic

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Bring Back the Weekly Newspaper

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Late Open Thread: The Moving Edition

Open Thread for Subscribers May 30th

We Need To Get Real About How the Pandemic Will End

How the Twitter/Media Feedback Loop Can Work to Undermine Our Understanding

Checking Facts Even If One Can't

Open Thread for Subscribers, May 23

Novelty Means Severity: The Key To the Pandemic

Sunday Open Thread for Subscribers (May 16)

Why The Vaccines are a Home Run Despite the Yankees’ Outbreak

Battlestar Galactica Lessons from Ransomware to the Pandemic

Sociological Storytelling: The Dilemmas and the Rewards (Open Thread of Subscribers)

The Few Sentences That Explain Much of What Went Wrong With Our Pandemic Response

Sunday Open Thread for Subscribers 5/2/21

On masks and outdoors

Open Thread for Subscribers April 25

Facts are Pieces of a Puzzle, not the Puzzle Itself

How One Epidemiologist Decided Whether to Send Her Children to Group Childcare

Open Thread for Subscribers April 18

Always Read the Methods Section

Open Thread for Subscribers, April 11, 2020

The Gaslighting of Science

Pandemic as Metaphor

Sunday Open Thread for Subscribers 4/4

How Polarization Ate Our Brains

Time for a Ring/Surge Vaccination Campaign

Sunday Open Thread for Subscribers 3/28

Ten Questions the Press Should Have Asked President Biden

Pandemic Theater, The Anniversary Edition

Subscriber-Only Open Thread

The Elephant In the Room: Herd Immunity via Tragedy

I'll take the "hippie dippy wishful thinking" case for vaccinating the world

Long Covid: How Bungle Reporting on a Thorny Topic

Is Choice Always Worth the Anxiety?

Vaccine Efficacy, Statistical Power and Mental Models

Pandemic Lessons for the Future (open thread)

Open Thread!

The Clubhouse App and the Rise of Oral Psychodynamics

Critical Thinking isn't Just a Process

Open Thread, Monday February 8

Why You Should Take Any Vaccine

Lessons from A Pandemic Anniversary

#Jan25: 10 years Later

Controversy, What Controversy?

The Crisis of Authority and the Crisis of Expertise

Frozen in Place

So What About That (Self)-Coup?

Moralizing Everything